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RAD Elec and Air are your Air Conditioning installation specialists in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. with over 10 years experience, We have the expertise and the know-how to professionally asses your installation and provide you with the most suitable and cost effective best option to cool your home, business or apartment in Melbourne. All of our team are focused and dedicated towards providing only the highest quality of Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne.

We Provide a wide variety of air conditioning services for both residential and commercial clients, which encompasses everything from installations, repairs, maintenance and even supplying a wide range of units from well-known and trusted brands.

"Thanks Adam for providing such a great service in installing the Reverse-Cycle Inverter System so quickly. The Installation was very neat, clean and tidy. The service is very reliable, professional and friendly. I will certainly use and share your services again and again in the near future with family and friends."  - Noel, Croydon North, Vic. Read more testimonials here.


What Type of Air Conditioning is Best for Me!

whether you have a small bedroom to keep cool during those hot summer nights, or your looking to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your entire home of office building, we have you covered. We understand that with air conditioning installation a one size fits all approach simply "WILL NOT WORK" it is absolutely crucial to have the correct type of air conditioner to suit the specific wants and needs of each customer.

if you are looking to heat and cool a single room or area, a split system air conditioner is definitely the best option. split systems are specifically designed for this type of application and they are also the most cost effective units to have installed and to run and maintain. the perfect size split system can be chosen after making a few simple measurements and calculations of the room you would like to keep cool (split system sizing guide)

if you are looking to heat and cool your entire house then there are other air conditioners that may be more suitable. a ducted air conditioner is able to control the temperature of your entire home with the simple press of a button all year round.  A ducted air conditioner is better suited to be installed as a home is being build, but with skill and experience it is also possible to install into existing homes.


Brands You Know and Trust, Supplied and Installed by Us!

Why bother getting your hands dirty when we can do all the heavy lifting for you?

allowing us to supply and install your air conditioner is a great option. why waste your precious time and energy shopping around, dealing with salesmen and paying delivery fees when we can arrive to your job with the agreed upon air conditioner in our van ready to be install. We deal closely with our suppliers and offer all of the latest models from all of the leading brands out there. please call us of fill out our quick contact form to learn more about our supply and installation packages.

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Your Post Installation Certificates and Warranty

To give you peace of mind, upon the completion of your air conditioning installation in melbourne you will be given a 6 year installation guarantee, along with the 6 year manufacturers warranty. We will also be providing you with 2 very important pieces of paper, these are your certificates of compliance. one is for the electrical work required to install your air conditioner and the other for the refrigeration work required to install your air conditioner.   these certificates, BY LAW, bust be supplied to you to prove that your installation was carried out correctly by certified licensed installers. with out them your manufacturers warranty becomes void and you may also be jeopardizing your home and contents insurance. Always ask to see your installers licenses before you agree to start work.


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Reasons to love split system air conditioners! Click here

First thing to know about Split System Air Conditioning is that it can be easily installed (retro-fitted) to fit easily into your existing home or office – or smartly designed into your new building or building extension.

Split System Air Conditioning is a system of a neat wall mounted indoor unit connected to an external refrigerated air conditioning unit that both heats and cools, meaning that split system air conditioners are perfect for maintaining the temperature you want – all year round.

The Split System Air Conditioners we install are ECO friendly for your family and the environment

“Noisy, expensive, and ugly!” – air conditioners of the past were guilty of being costly to run, very loud and being the building’s eyesore. Not anymore. The split system air conditioners we install utilize the latest greatest technological improvements in air conditioning:

  • Individual temperature controls for each unit in each different room.
  • Highly-rated energy efficiency keep your costs down, your summer cool and your winter warm.
  • Air purifying airflows mean units are easy to clean and are low maintenance.
  • Exterior refrigerated unit does all the work meaning indoor units are extraordinarily quiet!
  • Up to four air conditioners operating off one outdoor unit!
  • Slick attractive units with small wall ‘footprints’, timeless-appeal and useful remotes that include features like sleep modes and timers.
  • Top brands: Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, LG and Samsung
  • Installed by the best Split System Air Conditioning team in Melbourne – RAD Electrical!

Whether you need split system air conditioners installed in your office, new home or existing  home, we’re the experts! We carry a great range of only the best quality air conditioning units to suit your needs and budget. Call us today!

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