Buying an Air Conditioner?

Things You Need to Know Prior to Buying an Air Conditioning Unit

After a long, hectic and tiring day at work, people head back to their home to spend some quality time with their beloved family members. A home is regarded as the safest and most comfortable place where people can relax and enjoy the best time of their life with their dear ones and this is the reason why, individuals love their homes the most.

While for some, installing air conditioning systems in their homes is a luxury, for most of us that live in warm climate, installing air conditioners is a necessity. The air conditioning systems are designed to keep the humidity and temperature within a home well-managed, thereby making the home, a cozy and comfortable place to live in.

When it comes to selecting the best air conditioning system for your home, it can be a difficult decision to make as the device selected by you can either be energy efficient or budget friendly. Below given are some crucial things to consider prior to purchasing an air conditioning system for your home.

Budget-effective system:

The market these days is flooded with varieties of air conditioners that are available at much reasonable prices and offer high level of performance. There are individuals who prefer costly devices as they believe that expensive devices give better outcomes but the case is always not the same. Prices of these devices vary as per the shapes, sizes and most importantly, cooling capacity of the devices. It is recommended to select the correctly sized unit for your home.

Energy Efficient:

The electricity rates are soaring at a rapid pace in this present day and age. Having an air conditioning system may burn a big hole in one’s pocket as they need to pay a lot of money on the electricity bill every month. Thankfully, there are a few devices that are designed to be energy efficient and hence, you should opt for more energy efficient devices. Moreover, it is also recommended to turn off or unplug your device when not in use as it can cut down your electricity bills significantly.

Bestows Fresh and Healthy Feeling and improves the quality of life

Apart from considering cost effective and energy efficient, you should select the best device that can provide you and your loved ones with a clean and healthy place to live. Among the myriad of features of modern air conditioners, the eco-operation mode is one of the latest features that is installed in the device as it helps in regulating temperature, prevent excessive cooling as well as eradicate too much humidity.

Not all filters are created equally. Select and air conditioner with a good filter to protect your family from harmful dusts.

Keep your eyes on the points to consider when buying an air conditioning system for your home.

High Electricity bill??

Ways to Reduce High Electricity bill For Your AC

Household appliances are one of the top energy consumers in any Australian home and Air Conditioners are number 1. It doesn’t matter what type of air conditioner you have a split system or a ducted system or any other, but there are few ways in which you can cut down the electricity bill this summer. Here are some tips that can help you understand the problems and reduce high bill.

Make it Cool, dont Chill it.

Don’t set your air conditioner to 16 degrees and walk around the house rugged up like its winter inside. This will chew up electricity faster than you can say STOP! Keep your split system set to a reasonable temperature to keep you comfortable, we recommend around 22 degrees. This will make a huge difference on your electricity bill and the life of your unit


Keep It Clean Clean

The cooling system in your Air Conditioner has filters, which always need to be clean. These filters may be obstructed by dirt, which can tear down the efficiency up to 15%, make noise, and also increase the cost on operations. Due to dust, AC needs to work harder to achieve that air flow. So if you want to save the money that you are about to waste over electricity bill, then cleaning off the filters will surely help you.


ON/OFF Time table

To prevent a high bill and maintenance cost, don’t leave it ON all day and all night, give it a break and then use it. Most brands have timers, so you can preset a timer to shut off the air conditioner automatically. Hence, by controlling these features, you will definitely avoid high bills and maintenance cost.


Protect Your Air Conditioner from Sun

Keep your unit in the shade. When you have your air conditioner installed, make sure the condenser unit is installed in an area that is shaded most of the day to avoid direct sunlight. This will enable your air conditioner to work better and more defiantly


Close the windows and doors

Always make sure that you have the doors and windows closed when running your air conditioner.

This will allow the A/C to keep a large amount of the cool air inside, allowing it to reach the set temperature  asap

Purchase portable or fixed Air Conditioners

Purchase portable or fixed Air Conditioners


With the drastic advancement in technology, the boom of ducting heating or ducting air conditioning has been noticed in the rage of products now on the market. Nothing offers the level of comfort and relaxation that an air conditioner does. After a hectic day in the office, air conditioners help you to cope with stress and restore your energy.


While purchasing various home appliances, people have been seen moving towards the purchase of portable air conditioners these days. Whether it is a residential area or commercial one, air conditioning systems can be installed anywhere.


The downside is that there portable systems will chew up more electricity, and will need to have a ducted tube that somehow runs outside (though an open door or window) which often leads to bugs and mosquitoes getting into your home.


Split system air conditioners- How advantageous they are?


We all are aware of the fact that every individual requires complete relaxation and calmness after working hard for the whole day. To create a better living environment, one needs to install a split system air conditioner in their living space.


Splits systems air conditioners are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of your home and with technological improvements, have become very energy efficient over the last few years


Split system air conditioners are capable of handling the harsh temperature conditions and air humidity by producing complete appropriate atmosphere indoors. Utilized for both, whether a heating in winter season or cooling in summer times, the air conditioning proves out to be best alternative.


Home owners as well as business owners install air conditioning systems in their living space or working places, to skip from the cons of dust and pollution. These units can also help keep dust and pollution from getting into your home. This is the foremost reason why health care centers and clinics utilize these systems for the entire year. Being completely protected and easy to use, these systems assure to maintain proper cleanliness and moist air in the surroundings, which is very much beneficial from the people suffering from respiratory problems.



9 top energy saving tips will save you money this winter.


As winter approaches, it’s a great idea to make sure your home is ready for increased use of electricity and gas. There are many ways to save on heating bills here’s just a few!


1. Energy saving windows


A lot of heat can escape through single-glazed windows. To ensure your windows are energy-savvy:


  • Check for any drafts and fill in gaps with adhesive draft-stopping tape.
  • Check your curtains: are they thin or insulating? It’s worth the extra expense to get insulated curtains that will hold heat inside during winter and keep the house cooler in summer.
  • Make sure you close your curtains at night to hold the heat in, and open them during the day to let light inside the house.
  • Consider getting double-glazed windows – another extra expense, but definitely worth the money in the long run.
  • Don’t forget your doors! Make sure doors are free of drafts and close tightly to avoid drafts.



2. Turning lights off – make it a new habit!


Simply turning lights off in rooms you’re not using is a great way to save on electricity. Sure it’s hard to make sure the kids stick to this rule, but you can also install automatic switches that turn the lights off after a few minutes of no one being in the room.


3. Keep the thermostat at a low 18-20 degrees Celsius.


An ideal heating temperature for your home is about 18c to 20c degrees. It’s enough to be warm, but maybe wear a light jumper or hoodie in the house. It’s easy for the heat to go up and you may not even notice it, but your electricity bill will!


4. No one home? Make sure everything’s turned off.


Usually daytime electricity rates are the highest. Make sure when everyone is at work or at school the heating is turned off. Most heating systems will have a timer so you can set the heating to be on for peak times, e.g. 6am to 8am, then again 5pm to 9pm at night. This will ensure that no one forgets to turn it off.


5. Clean your filters!


Save at least 5% in heating costs by ensuring your central heating filters are replaced or cleaned at least once a month. Most central heating systems have an easily accessible filter that you can clean with your vacuum cleaner, it only takes a few minutes and will ensure cleaner and healthier air – not to mention saving you money.


6. Eliminate “leaking energy” electronics.


Many electronic devices use electricity whilst “off”. The culprits are usually TVs, DVD players, computers and sound systems. Invest a few bucks in a power strip that turns everything off after an hour or so of non-use. You’ll save a lot of money on these “standby losses”.


7. Install energy saving light bulbs.


Sure they cost a bit more to purchase but the running time saving is worth the extra few dollars. Replace all your incandescent bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs (for down lights).  A lot of councils even have plans whereby they’ll give you free energy saving light bulbs so it pays to do a bit of research.


8. Install ceiling and wall insulation.


Insulation is worth every penny. Once again, it may initially be a hassle to install, but will save you thousands in the long run and may save you heating costs up to 25%. That’s a huge figure in anyone’s language.


9. Hot water tank insulation.


Give your hot water tank some love! Jacket insulation is especially important for older water heaters with little internal insulation. Remember to leave the air intake vent uncovered when wrapping up your hot water tank. You’ll save up to 10% on hot water heating costs.


Need more info on winter energy saving? Check out the Australian Government’s site Energy Made Easy or you can call us on on 0419 535 462 or call Adam Domine directly on 0419 535 462.