Fast & affordable testing and tagging for all your electrical appliances.

We’re experts at electrical testing and tagging at worksites all around metropolitan Melbourne. Our clients love us because we offer scheduled testing and tagging checks that legally satisfy your employer duty of care, and we’re fast, efficient, and experienced.

Bundle Testing and Tagging with your Electrical Maintenance and Fault Finding to protect your workers and your business – all in one cost-effective job!

Electrical testing and tagging is mandatory!

As an employer, as you well know, you have the legal liability to provide a safe working environment under the Victorian Occupation Health and Safety Act (2004). Worksafe Victoria advises that the electrical testing and tagging of all portable appliances, power boards and power leads should be completed to fulfil your duty of care.

  • If your workplace is an office – have your testing and tagging done every 6 months.
  • If your workplace is a construction site – have your testing and tagging done every 3 months.

These are legal obligations that fall under the OH&S Act Section 21(2)(a) and the Industry Standard for Electrical Installations on Construction Sites (Section 4.3) respectively.

Been putting it off? Contact RAD Electrical today before an innocuous power lead costs you many times more than the cost of a simple testing and tagging check.

You simply can’t wait any longer, so contact RAD Electrical today!

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