Ducted Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Enjoy your ideal temperature control all year round with a correctly installed ducted reverse cycle air conditioner system from RAD Elec and Air. We pride ourselves on supplying and installing only the most reliable and efficient air conditioners on the market throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We can supply and install multiple brands of ducted reverse cycle air conditioner in Melbourne.

having a ducted air conditioner Installed in your Melbourne home is a convenient and non obtrusive way to maintain your desired temperature throughout your entire home with the simple push of a button. Ducted Air conditioner units distribute cool and warm air to outlets that are installed in the ceilings of every room via ductwork. They give you full control over your temperature and can even be split into zones to avoid cooling rooms that are not being used. With a ducted air conditioner installed you can be sure that you will be comfortable through Melbourne's summer and winter months 

We provide some great deals on all the brands that we supply and install. We pride ourselves on offering only the most cutting edge and energy efficient systems to help reduce your bills and make sure your Air conditioner system works correctly well into the future. Talk to us and we’ll be glad to discuss every unit’s specifications. 

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ducted air conditioner installation melbourne

Benefits of ducted air conditioning

  • Cost efficient: Ducted systems are an affordable way of heating or cooling your entire home especially if you segregate your system into zones. so you can live in climate-controlled harmony without being worried about your bank account
  • Powerful climate control: Melbourne weather is all about the extremes; the lowest of lows in winter and upwards of 40 degree summer days. ducted air conditioning is one of the most effective methods of handling these extreme temperaures and keeping you comfortable all year around
  • unobtrusive and quiet: although supplying enough power to heat and cool your entire home, ducted systems are incredibly quiet and can run in the background while being hardly noticed 
  • Newest inverter technology: our ducted air conditioning systems use only the best quality inverter technology system that is quicker and more eco-friendly in cooling or heating your home

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