High Electricity bill??

Ways to Reduce High Electricity bill For Your AC

Household appliances are one of the top energy consumers in any Australian home and Air Conditioners are number 1. It doesn’t matter what type of air conditioner you have a split system or a ducted system or any other, but there are few ways in which you can cut down the electricity bill this summer. Here are some tips that can help you understand the problems and reduce high bill.

Make it Cool, dont Chill it.

Don’t set your air conditioner to 16 degrees and walk around the house rugged up like its winter inside. This will chew up electricity faster than you can say STOP! Keep your split system set to a reasonable temperature to keep you comfortable, we recommend around 22 degrees. This will make a huge difference on your electricity bill and the life of your unit


Keep It Clean Clean

The cooling system in your Air Conditioner has filters, which always need to be clean. These filters may be obstructed by dirt, which can tear down the efficiency up to 15%, make noise, and also increase the cost on operations. Due to dust, AC needs to work harder to achieve that air flow. So if you want to save the money that you are about to waste over electricity bill, then cleaning off the filters will surely help you.


ON/OFF Time table

To prevent a high bill and maintenance cost, don’t leave it ON all day and all night, give it a break and then use it. Most brands have timers, so you can preset a timer to shut off the air conditioner automatically. Hence, by controlling these features, you will definitely avoid high bills and maintenance cost.


Protect Your Air Conditioner from Sun

Keep your unit in the shade. When you have your air conditioner installed, make sure the condenser unit is installed in an area that is shaded most of the day to avoid direct sunlight. This will enable your air conditioner to work better and more defiantly


Close the windows and doors

Always make sure that you have the doors and windows closed when running your air conditioner.

This will allow the A/C to keep a large amount of the cool air inside, allowing it to reach the set temperature  asap

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