Electrical rewiring for existing homes and multi-unit developments.

A house electrical rewire is a major job, but if the wiring in your house is old or inadequate, a house rewire might be an urgent safety matter to prevent fuse blowouts or electrical fires.

How can you tell if your home needs rewiring?

The first thing to check is the colour of the cables. If you find black cabling, this is an immediate sign that your wiring needs checking. Modern electrical cables are either grey or white and insulated with PVC. The old black cables were insulated with rubber which decays and crumbles with age – creating a time bomb just waiting to go off!

Rewiring is the perfect opportunity to get all your electrics up to date

Electrical rewiring of your home or unit won’t put your life on hold. You’ll still have power outside of work hours and jobs are usually completed within 2-3 days depending on the size of your home. We clean up after every day so your home won’t look like a construction site after we’ve stopped working for the day.

We offer an excellent rewiring service using high quality components that last for decades and will not cause you problems down the track. Rewiring is also the perfect opportunity to make your electrical system more efficient, or install new more energy-efficient lighting and outlets for power and internet.

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