Eliminate power outages, risk of electrical fire and electrocution in your home.

How old is the switchboard at your home? There will always be appliances left on at the power point, and during peak energy use a faulty switchboard could cause serious injury or property damage. Old fuse-style switchboards are far more likely to start an electrical fire, whereas new switchboards isolate and control a surging electrical circuit in a fraction of a second – ensuring the safety of your family.

We are experts at home switchboard installations.

  • Switchboard upgrades – if your switchboard is more than 20 years old, it could still be wired with unsafe old fashioned fuses instead of modern circuit breakers.
  • Switchboard replacements – It is now illegal to add any electrical device onto an older fuse circuit without replacing the fuse for a circuit breaker.
  • Switchboard installation – We offer high-quality switchboards that comply with strict Australian regulations and are built to last!

A new switchboard protects you and your family.

We are passionate about our customers having electrical systems in place that protects them from disruption and harm. We specialise in installing high quality switchboards, circuit breakers, safety switches and surge protection devices domestically around Melbourne.

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