Safety Switch Installation

Safety switches and surge protectors are a very easy and affordable way to protect you and your family from dangerous electrical faults and surges. Not only will they protect your children from electric shocks but they will also help prevent electrical fires resulting from faulty appliances or wiring – protecting your entire house. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Safety switches offer an extra layer of protection on top of circuit breakers. By operating independently a safety switch is able to detect ‘unexpected’ current leaking through a damaged or faulty appliance, switch or power point and shut off the electricity almost instantly.

Safety switches are an excellent safety measure and inexpensive – however they must be installed by a fully quality electrical contractor – that’s RAD Electrical! We’re happy to come to your home and install safety switches that add piece of mind and are, in our opinion, a very smart investment.

Surge Protection

There is a simple difference between a safety switch and a surge protector: the safety switch protects people and the surge protector protects your appliances from electrical power ‘surges’: i.e. power surges and spikes (which can seriously damage electrical equipment).

This means that surge protectors are highly recommended for the irreplaceable parts of your home to provide a balanced secure 240V free from power transients: PCs, TVs, monitors, audio equipment, etc.

We can offer you the best advice and surge protectors available to keep your important bits of kit running superbly. Like the safety switch, the benefits far exceed the costs and that’s why we recommend them highly.

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