Split System Installation Melbourne

Your Friendly Split System Specialists in Melbourne

RAD Elec and Air are your split system installation specialists in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We have been installing and servicing split systems for over 10 years and we are proud to bring our specialist approach to your split system installation in Melbourne. with over 10 years experience we cover a wide variety of installation types for homes, offices, apartments and commercial premises. We understand that having a split system installed can be a confusing ordeal with so many installers and systems to choose from. well we've made it our goal to make thing as simple and easy as possible from the very beginning to the very end of your installation. to learn more about the different installation options that are available, see our split system installation guide 

So what Exactly is a Split System?

A split system air conditioner is an air conditioning system designed to heat and cool one room, area or space. a split system can be used to heat or cool a bedroom, lounge room or office space, basically any room that is not open to the outdoors.

A split system is called a split system because it is split into 2 separate parts, but both are essential for the split system to operate. there is the indoor unit (fan coil unit) which is installed inside your home or office, and there is the outdoor unit (condenser unit) which is installed outside your home or office. These two units are connected via electrical wires and copper refrigeration piping so that they can communicate and work together to create a system that can give you both hot and cold air on command. when cooling the indoor unit sucks in the hot air from inside your house and with the help of the outdoor unit and its compressor is able to replace that hot air with cool refrigerated air. In heating mode the concept is the same, only this time condenser unit is running in"reverse cycle" mode to give you hot air instead of cold.

although split systems are designed to heat and cool one room, there are multi head units available that can run multiple indoor units of only one outdoor unit. this comes in handy for people with a shortage o outdoor space.

Why Choose a Split System Air Conditioner

Split system air conditioners are an excellent cost effective solution to cool and heat your home. a Split system will provide you with cooling during the hot Summer months and heating during the cold icy winter months. they are perfect for those on a budget, cheap to run and can be installed in almost any location.

We've made it our job to supply and install only the most energy efficient and Eco friendly split systems on the market in Melbourne. So you can be sure that your doing your best not only for your energy bill but for the environment to!

  • Nice Design: Gone are the days of the clunky old air conditioner that ruined the took up all the space on your wall. all of our split systems have a sleek design to fit in with the rest of your rooms decor.
  • Quiet Operation: Split systems are quiet enough for you to forget that they are even there 
  • Cost Effective: cost to run a split system can be as low as 10 cents an hour
  • Easy to Install: compared with other heating and cooling systems split system are relatively cheap to install. they can be installed practically anywhere as there is no ducting required and outdoor units can be mounted to the ground, the wall or on the roof
  • Air Quality: most split systems have special filters that can regulate dust and humidity in the air keeping you safe from allergies. these filters are also easy to clean and maintain without calling a professional
  • Heating Mode: most split systems are reverse cycle, which means they both heat and cool. keeping you comfortable all year round.
  • Independent Temperature Control: all split systems come with an easy to use remote control where you can set the temperature and sit back and relax
  • Inverter Technology: this keeps the running costs of your split system down and also stops the temperature from fluctuating giving you a nice consistent temperature of your choice. 

Why Choose RAD for your Split System Installation Melbourne?

well to put it frankly, we are split system installation specialists. we have been installing split systems for over 10 years and we have come across a huge variety of installation types for a huge variety of clients and we have never failed to leave a customer satisfied. We pride ourselves on supplying the most cutting edge split systems at prices that are affordable for everyone, because heating and cooling is something that everyone should be able to have in their home. so please allow us to guide you through your split system installation hassle with satisfaction guaranteed.

  • COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATES: by law, any split air conditioner that is installed must come with two compliance certificates. one certificate specifies that the electrical work was carried out by a licensed electrician and in complaince with the regulations of AS3000, the other certificate specifies that the refrigeration work was carried out by a licenced plumber or refrigeration mechanic and in accordance under the Plumbing Industry commission guidelines. 

    without compliance certificates you jeopardize your split system 6 year warranty and also your home and contents insurance policy.

    Rest assured that we are fully licensed and issued and on completion of your installation you will be provided with both of the above mentioned certificates, so at the end of the day you have peace of mind for your home and family.

    excellent customer service with a smile! - You’ll find dealing with RAD Electrical a refreshing experience to most other tradies. We’re friendly and personable, happy to explain things to you in detail, and we’re passionate about high quality workmanship to make sure everything’s working as it should: safely and efficiently. We’re punctual and tidy and we’ll clean up after ourselves when the job’s done.

    Need more proof of the high quality of our work? Read our customer testimonials here.

    We do it once and we do it right! - RAD Elec and air is rare amongst electricians because we adhere to the strictest standards and have a dedicated and passionate approach to our work. Our ‘do it once, do it right’ attitude assures you of excellence in all our electrical and air conditioning work work.

    Warranty: all of our split system installations come with a 6 year manufacturers warranty and also a 6 year installation grantee