Split System Size Guide

so you've done your research and decided that a split system will be your best option, whats next? sizing up your room to make sure that you choose the right sized Split system to efficiently heat and cool your room is your next critical step.

If you choose a split system that is undersized for your room, it will have to work overtime to maintain a cool temperature which will lead to higher running costs and even early breakdown.

If you choose an air conditioner that is over sized for your room, you will be wasting your hard earned money by paying for a bigger split system when it is not necessary, and you will also be decreasing the effectiveness of your split systems ability to remove the moisture in the air.

We can assist you in supplying or recommending the best sized split system to suite your room, or you can simply use our guide below 


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2.5kw Split System - Suitable for rooms 10-25 Square Meters

  • Bedroom
  • Study
  • Home Office
  • Play Room
  • Small Kitchen
  • Small Lounge
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3.5Kw Split system - Suitable for rooms 25-35 Square Meters

  • Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Study
  • Home Office
  • Medium Kitchen
  • Medium Lounge
  • Small Retreats

5KW Split System - Suitable for Rooms 35 - 60 Square Meters

  • Large Master Bedroom
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Large Office
  • Open Living Area

7-8KW Split System - Suitable for Rooms 60-80 Square Meters

  • Large Lounge
  • Open Plan Living
  • Shops
  • Office Spaces
  • Commercial Applications

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