Lighting and Power Installation

RAD Electrical are specialists in all things lighting and wiring including:

  • Lighting installation<Link: Jump to H2 Lighting installation>,
  • LED lighting<Link: Jump to para LED installation>
  • Emergency Lighting installations<Link: Jump to H2 Emergency Lighting Installations> 
  • General Electrical wiring installations<Link: Jump to H2 Electrical wiring installations> 

… for all commercial and industrial premises, including retail shops, office buildings, factories, warehouses and more.

Lighting installations

As experienced electricians, lighting installation in commercial properties is our bread and butter. We take great care in ensuring our work is high quality and the components we use are reliable and durable.

We can install a wide range of lighting including:

  • Sensor and security light installation
  • Energy efficient lighting solutions (incl. LED lighting installations)
  • Floodlighting and exterior lights
  • Pendants and standard batten fittings
  • Office/factory fluorescent lights

LED lighting

LED lighting is a highly recommended option for your industrial or office building lighting fit-out. Are you aware of all the advantages of LED lighting? Compared to Halogen and CFL lighting, LED lighting gives off less heat and produces no UV or infrared. They are 100% more energy efficient, consume less energy, last longer and have a very low failure rate.

The clincher for many businesses is the installation flexibility LED lighting gives you. This kind of lighting can fit in many narrow and awkward spaces because it has a small footprint and doesn’t require much power. If something does go wrong, they’re easy to replace too.

Emergency lighting installation

Emergency and exit lighting is a fundamental OH&S requirement for commercial and industrial buildings. Bi-annual maintenance and testing is a requirement, and workplace site inspections may catch you out in this regard.

Emergency lighting systems need specially designed circuits and batteries to maintain operation when other lighting has been cut off due a fault or power supply problems. We’re experienced in installation, repair, upgrading and maintenance of emergency lighting for small-to-large scale commercial worksites.

Electrical wiring installation

Need repairs, rewiring or a fresh installation of electrical wiring? New power points or power circuits? We can install a range of power outlets including GPOs, 15A outlets (for equipment), surge-protected outlets, weather-protected outlets and 3-phase outlets. Give your business the juice it needs with new efficient wiring solutions to solve all your lighting and electrical needs.

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