Split System Air Conditioning

Reasons to love split system air conditioners!

First thing to know about Split System Air Conditioning is that it can be easily installed (retro-fitted) to your existing home or office – or smartly designed into your new building or building extension.

Split System Air Conditioning is a system of neat wall-mounted indoor units connected to an external refrigerated air conditioning unit that both heats and cools, meaning that split system air conditioners are perfect for maintaining the temperature you want – all year round.

The Split System Air Conditioners we install use amazing technology!

“Noisy, expensive, and ugly!” – air conditioners of the past were guilty of being costly to run, very loud and being the building’s eyesore. Not anymore. The split system air conditioners we install utilise the latest greatest technological improvements in air conditioning:


  • Individual temperature controls for each unit in each different room.
  • split system installation Melbourne
  • Highly-rated energy efficiency keep your costs down, your summer cool and your winter warm.
  • Air purifying airflows mean units are easy to clean and are low maintenance.
  • Exterior refrigerated unit does all the work meaning indoor units are extraordinarily quiet!
  • Up to four air conditioners operating off one outdoor unit!
  • Slick attractive units with small wall ‘footprints’, timeless-appeal and useful remotes that include features like sleep modes and timers.
  • Top brands:Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, LG and Samsung
  • Installed by the best Split System Air Conditioning team in Melbourne – RAD Electrical!

Whether you need split system air conditioners installed in your office, new home or the new story of your house, we’re the experts! We carry a great range of split system air conditioning units to suit your needs and budget. Call us today!